progress on the "Kolb Studio" painting

Hello everyone. Well, another weekend has gone by way too fast but was fortunate to get some good time in the studio. I managed to get a number of canvases prepared for some soon to be paintings and also worked on the “Kolb Studio, Grand Canyon” piece some more. You’ll notice that this piece is going to be a little more expressionistic with its treatment of color. Also I have been getting some questions about the large piece I had started a little over a week ago. That one continues to come along and I promise to put more images of it soon. I am just looking at the group of pieces as a whole right now and trying to figure out what and how many pieces are going to be going into the show in May. That should all be settled a little better when I go visit the gallery on Tuesday in Waconia. I can’t wait to check it out!


8 responses to “progress on the "Kolb Studio" painting

  1. Janet, I think ImageKind is going to be good. I just started posting things up to it and am trying out the free service. I did do a little research before hand and the people who emailed back said they were happy with the quality and interaction with the company. So I figured I would start off with their basic package to start. I will be sure to let you know how it goes.

  2. It is a little difficult with information but pretty easy finding the art, which is good. As with anything, if you pay the premium package then you are the first in the searches and such, but ya gotta start somewhere.

  3. I finally found the pricing structure. How do you decide on all the paper/canvas printing choices? I was looking at options for not doing this myself, but with this I would have to test some of the printing surfaces to see what I like. Wonder if you can order a proof — “Your Art on x, y or z”. I know I have been to too many sites lately. Think I saw proof printing somewhere.

  4. I think the proofs are something that you can get at cost if you do get them printed. As for the different types, I have found that I really like the texture and print quality that the Somerset Velvet has. The enhanced matte, photo glossy and photo luster are I believe the higher end papers that you would find at retailers. The others like the velvet, fine art pearl, and the torchon fine art are more uncommon and something you might have to order in. But maybe you can check with Imagekind and see if they could send you a small sampling of each paper with an image in them. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

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