Final touches on Blues Poster

After a week of tweeking the image here and there, I can finally say that the blues poster is complete. You will notice that the text is abscent from the image and I did that on purpose since the image won’t be judged with the text in place. This is by far one of the largest files of a digital illustration that I have worked on at a little over a gigabyte and my Mac came thru with flying colors. I am really glad that I decided to upgrade to a quicker processor because with my old computer, I would have never been able to handle a full gig file. The cool thing is that if I wanted to print this image It could be printed as large as 4ft by 5ft and still be as crisp as the full 22″ x 28″ it is. So with that, I look at the rest of the pieces that need to be finished and am trying to figure which one is next. The good thing is I can look at the ones that need to be done the soonest and pic them that way.


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