Layout of another painting

Even though I just started the painting yesterday of the Lake Pepin area, I wanted to start getting more of the groundwork done on the other paintings that need to be finished in the next couple of months. I have found it is better to know the full scope of all that needs to be done than focus on just one piece at a time. I am thinking that I will get at least 3 or 4 more started this week as well. Probably smaller ones though, around 16 x 20. The one on top is of a cliff near the apache trail that was really interesting with its movement and lines and the bottom is of the Kolb studio that still needs attention. I also have been very pleased with the new oil paints that I had gotten from the Jack Richeson company. They are the Daniel Greene Oils and am really impressed with how far they reach and the brillance of the color. I would definitely recommend them.


3 responses to “Layout of another painting

  1. In order to capture the real beauty of the cliffs in apache trail, I think you need to surround yourself in the real thing and not just looking at a picture taken from a camera. I think I know a person that could provide living arraignments very close to there.

  2. Dear Scottsdale Cop. I appreciate the fact that you have arraingments(arrangements) available for the arts. It would definitely be a nice break from the snow showers we had here and be in the 90’s there. I will definitely have to look into it further!!!

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