Let the work begin….

Happy Monday to everyone. I hope all has been well lately. Things here in Otsego have been going pretty good lately with lots of illustration work coming in the last few days. Its great having work come in, but will be pretty swamped the next couple of weeks with sketching, faxing, finalizing and finishing the illustrations for three different projects. I find it quite strange how things tend to go in streaks with a dry period and then a rush, dry period and then a rush. Wouldn’t it be nice if things were on more of a steady pace? The good thing so far is that all of the dry spells seem to be getting smaller in length and the busy spells are naturally getting longer. As long as it continues that way, I can’t complain at all.

Another fun activity that has been happening lately is the classes that I am teaching in the park across from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It has been received well by the public and there have been numerous people that have come back week after week to keep trying their hand at drawing. Hopefully I will be able to post some pics of the fun that we are having, but have to get the museums and the patrons permission first. We will see how that works out! Until then, I will leave you with this image of an illustration that I did for the book titled “On the Other Side of the Ocean” by Ruth Elisabeth Schoch. As I was going through some images recently for the Children’s Book Illustrators new website that is being produced, I ran across this image and thought how great would it be to be outside in this heat and just be playing around in the water again as a child. I still remember those days of running through the sprinkler and all. Just think what the neighbors would think if I did the same today!!! What a sight it would be!


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