BB King and Etta James…

After a number of weeks of anticipation, a concert that I have been waiting for is here. Tomorrow night I will be off to the Minnesota State Fair to go to the BB King, Etta James and Al Green concert. I will be there with seven other friends and probably won’t get any sleep til Saturday! But what better reason to stay up late than to listen to some of the legends that are BB and Etta.
You probably have noticed the lack of postings this week, the main reason for that is I am finally getting through some of the address’s and new contacts at some of the publishing houses and am looking to do a promotional mailing in the next month. It is really exciting stuff I know, but it needs to be done and find that there is no better time to do it than when you are busy already. That way, hopefully it will keep things that way. But, it makes for some not so fun posting when I don’t have new paintings or illustrations to post. Instead, I will attach three photos of my patio plants that are starting to block my view of the back yard. I also noticed the other day that one of my elephant ears was putting out a flower which is the first time that I have had that happen. I don’t know if it is the short growing season that doesn’t provide flowers, but since I have had these the last 3 or 4 years, this is the first plant to pop one out. Hopefully it won’t be the last.
So with that, I wish all of you the best Labor Day weekend. I will be off to the lake come Friday so I won’t be posting again until I come back on Monday night. It should be a good time as it is my Mother and Fathers 30th anniversary this weekend. It will be a crazy fun time with all the family coming to visit.


5 responses to “BB King and Etta James…

  1. Enjoy the concert – I read in the paper that BB King and entourage were either just in Denver or will be coming this year on the same tour. Sounds like fun!Enjoy your weekend and good luck with your promotional mailings.

  2. Good luck with the mailing. Something I should do. Where’s that list 🙂 Your plants are looking big like my okra plants. Definitely planting more of them next year.

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