LeFranc & Bourgeois Flashe Vinyl paint

One of the things as an artist that I find exciting is when I find a new product to fill in the gap in my studio. That gap that has been missing is a paint that can produce beautiful, rich solid tones on a canvas or paper that doesn’t leave it too streaked from brushstrokes. I know that oils work well for that, but as an illustrator, I sometimes don’t have the time to wait for a piece to dry for two weeks. So I am left with acrylics and they often leave brush marks or indications of such when doing flat colors. So the other day when a fellow artist and co-worker came in with some new paintings on paper that he had done, I was blown away with the matteness of the color. The piece almost looked like it was a lithograph but had the subtle indications of being hand done. So I knew that that was going to be a great paint to add to the studio. The only problem was what colors to choose. I didn’t want to get this new paint and get working on a piece and not have the right color, so I did the next best thing, I ordered one of every color. I know it was crazy, but the good thing is that they don’t have hundreds of colors, so it wasn’t to outrageous, but still will be a great investment for the studio. The paint itself is called LeFranc & Bourgeois Flashe Vinyl paint and comes in either 60 ml tubes or in a 400ml jar.

Now I know you might be a little disappointed because I don’t have attached any images of works created with it yet, but don’t fret, I just got the paint yesterday and am anxious to start using it. I will be sure to post some of the pieces that are my testers. Until then, you will just have to look at the photo of the paint itself. In other studio news, it has been a lot of fun lately working on another children’s book. The great thing about it is I am also having to learn sign language at the same time so it has been a fun adventure in learning not only the signing but creating the images for the book itself. I am still only in the development stage but am already learning a lot. So if you see me walking down the street flashing signs, it is not a gang thing, rather an attempt at the actual sign language (learning curve will take a while 🙂


8 responses to “LeFranc & Bourgeois Flashe Vinyl paint

  1. I am curious about this unique vinyl paint. What I am thinking is painting on a piece of glass and then peeling it up and transferring it to some other surface. Have you had a chance to experiment much with it?

  2. Hi Shawn, I am thinking of using the Lefranc flashe paint and was searching on google, so i was lucky to find your blog. I'm used to oil and acrylic paint but i'm looking for a paint like acrylic but with a matt finish. Would you recommend them? many thanks, Carol

  3. Hello Carol. Yes, I would recommend the vinyl flasche paint. It is really great to work with and the matte finish is beautiful. It will take a little bit of time to get used to, but I think you will like the end result!

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