A great find.

One of the things that I really enjoy doing is searching for great books to add to my slowly growing library. Whether they are books about artists, art history, classics, or children’s books, it is fun to find books that are not only printed well, but are great to read and look at. With that, I have been enjoying a new addition to my library the last week, a reprint of the 1909 Grimm’s Fairy Tales with illustrations by the remarkable Arthur Rackham. The book is a wonderful recreation that is beautifully printed and bound. It even has a really great slip case. As to where I got it from, it came from a place called the Folio Society which exists to create beautiful editions of the world’s greatest books. The books are a little more expensive than a traditional version of them, but the production value just blows you away when you get to actual look through it. I definitely would recommend anyone who is a book lover to check it out.


6 responses to “A great find.

  1. Thanks Christina! I’ll have to show you some of the other ones I have picked up lately. I think you definitely would like them! Have a great weekend. PS, get some rest!

  2. Super cool! I remember that I couldn't get enough of Grimm's Fairy Tales when I was a kid. So many of them were kind of gruesome, and the illustrations were always fabulous! Have you read any of the Gaspard & Lisa books (completely different topic)? The illustrations are darling and the style reminds me a lot of yours!

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