A Crazy busy Saturday

Illustration by 2007 Illustration Mentorship winner Nina Crittenden

Well just a short post tonight as I am preparing for another crazy weekend. This time though it is just on Saturday so I will have a little recovery day on Sunday to work on my book project and get caught up with that. As for tomorrow, it starts off with the Twin Cities Book Festival in downtown Minneapolis. The festivities will be beginning at 10 am and running until 5 pm. I definitely would recommend anyone who loves books to stop on by as Susie and I will be signing copies of “The SIck Bug” and many other authors and illustrators will be doing the same for their books. So, before that ends and where the chaos begins, I have to cut out early to head over to St. Paul to the MNSCBWI Fall Conference and announce who I have chosen to win the Illustration Mentorship for the year 2008/2009. It should be a lot of fun and am anxious to meet the winner. Hopefully I will make it on time and not rush into the middle of the awards ceremony! So that’s a little of my weekend, hope yours is less chaotic and more relaxing! Have a great start to your weekends and check back to hear all about the winning illustrator.


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