After many many months of procrastinating and looking at the forms for an illustration competition that is going on here in the twin cities, I have finally finished the illustration and it is all framed up and ready to be dropped off tomorrow (the deadline)! It feels good to get it done and am hopeful that it is well received. The good thing is it sounds like they have almost 50 submissions so far so it should be a great show coming up in March at the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts. The competition itself was a collaboration between the Minnesota Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Last years competition involved writers coming up with poems and 5 were chosen as winners. Then this years competition was for illustrators to choose a poem they liked and illustrate an image to it. My favorite poem was called “Two-Wheeler” by Jane Thomas Noland. The illustration above is an illustration to that poem. I just hope that I have done it justice. So with that complete and on its way out the door tomorrow you might think that I am looking for something to do, but don’t worry, I will be busy with booksignings, more illustration projects and the like in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully I will come back with another original Illustration Friday tomorrow! Take care and stay warm, which is kind of hard when the temp right now is a mere -21! Yikes!


7 responses to “Plane-in-the-sky-cycle

  1. This is great, Shawn! Congrats on meeting the deadline! Should make for a fun reception on 3/20, too! I think a LOT of us entered this one. Stay warm and have a great weekend!

  2. GAH! I shouldn’t be looking at this!You know what’s ridiculous? When you help organize a show and you A) Don’t remember when the deadline is; B)Don’t blog about the deadline; C)Have no idea how many folks actually entered and D)Go to your friend’s blog where you think he’s entered a completely new contest and find out it’s the one you’re supposed to judge.On the plus side, sounds like it’s going to be a darn awesome show!

  3. Thats funny Christina. Because I actually thought about you seeing it after I had already posted it. The good news is there will be plenty of other pieces that beat this one out, so can’t wait to see all of the pieces in the show! Take care and hope you are enjoying this newly found weather! Good luck with the judging as well

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