Taking a crazy leap

Hard to believe that the weekend has slipped away already, but that is the outcome when I get a chance to work in the studio pretty much uninterrupted. It is a luxury that I wish would happen more often, and relish in the next opportunity to dig into a creative mode. As I have been blessed lately with the workings of many books, I have come to find myself even more interested in the nuances of children’s books. With that, I have decided to take a crazy leap into the writing side of children’s books. I know that you think I may be crazy, but rest assured that I would also be doing the illustrations for these books. I have really come to find that I want my voice to be heard, even though it might be a little rough on the writing side. I am curious as to what other illustrators have to say on this subject. Is the notion of writing and illustrating your own books a calling as well? If so, what was the deciding factor in moving forward with sharing your words as well as your art? Any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.


6 responses to “Taking a crazy leap

  1. I hope that some day (if I end up becoming an established illustrator) that I might have the nerve to try to write and illustrate a book of my own. If you have an idea for a great book, go for it! We’ll all be cheering you on!

  2. I think if I want to illustrate the books I’m dying the illustrate, I’m going to have to write them as well. I don’t have nearly as much confidence in my writing skills, though, so it would take quite a long time for me to even draft something. We’ll see.I want to read your manuscript!

  3. I’m on the edge of the pier, wanting to jump in…but fearful that I won’t be able to swim. That’s how I feel about wanting to write so I can illustrate what I’m passionate about. Having illustrated several non-fiction books, I found that I love to RESEARCH! So I’ve begun researching what interests me for a children’s non-fiction book, but not touched a rough draft yet.Take that “crazy” leap, Shawn, maybe we’ll follow!

  4. Thanks Nina. I know that you will become that established illustrator you deserve to be and maybe even that author! Its all up to what we truly want to be!

  5. Thanks Christina. I feel the same way. It is definitely going to be a bumpy road with trying to write, but maybe if I just start working it out, something might pop. Anyways, I would love to share the manuscript with you when it is of a legible format 🙂

  6. Kerry, I know you can do it as well! It is something that maybe we all should try and do! who knows, maybe we might just have a good laugh at the attempt! It is great to see you stop by the blog, do come back for more!

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