A first for everything and a free drawing class

Just when I thought I didn’t have to get too nervous or anxious about what I do as an artist anymore, I got a call the beginning of the week to appear live on Channel 5’s “Twin Cities Live”. With a little bit of luck for nice weather, I will be appearing tomorrow at 3pm on the show. Scary I know! I usually do pretty good with groups and such, but that is because i have done similar things before that I knew what to expect. But with the show tomorrow, it will be an entirely new experience. If the weather holds out, it will be an interview in the studio sometime at the beginning of the show and then I am to go outside and do a quick 40 minute street painting that they will keep checking in on. It shouldn’t be too bad, but what happens if I freeze when the cameras go live!!!!! Anyways, if you happen to be bored tomorrow around the 3-4 pm timeframe, feel free to check out the show and let me know what you think.

In other fun news, tomorrow night I will be teaching a free drop in drawing class at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts from 6-9pm. In conjunction with “Third Thursday”, we will be having a night of free drawing. No need to worry about paper, pencils or anything, just come on down and visit the Wells Fargo room and say hi. We will also be having a couple of 30 minute excursions to draw in the galleries as well. Hope to see you there!

PS, this is a little study I did to see how large the boy on the high dive would be if I were to make it an 8′ x 9′ streetpainting or Rockwell’s image. Even though I think this could be a great one to do, I think I have found a different one that I will be posting about when I am at the event on Saturday.


6 responses to “A first for everything and a free drawing class

  1. Hey Jake. Slowly working on the anamorphic street painting. It's not quite there yet. As for his little chalking rig he has, I think I would need to beef it up a bit!

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