Twin Cities Live and Art Soup

Hello everyone. Here’s hoping all of you have a great weekend planned. I know it will be a busy one here with Art Soup tomorrow in Elk River. So as you know in the previous post, I was fortunate enough to have been featured on “Twin Cities Live” yesterday. It was definitely a great experience and really appreciated the hospitalityof both the producer Christian Unser and reporter Melissa Specken. Also a big thank you goes out to Allison Dent who helped set up the segment in conjunction with “Art Soup” this saturday in Elk River. So below are the results of the taping that went on yesterday. They are the two main segments that were on the program yesterday. Just click and enjoy! Below them are the two images that were created as well. – Sidewalk Chalk

Shared via AddThis – Sidewalk Art Results!

Shared via AddThis

This is the one that I created during the segment

Here is Melissa Specken and her “Henry”


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