Taking some time to study the greats

Between work and the ever enticing summer weather, I have found myself doing more and more studying. I know that sounds a bit strange, but it has been a really relaxing and beneficial activity. In particular, I have been looking at a lot of 18th and 19th century drawings. After looking at many a line work, it is amazing to see each individuals expressiveness come through in the simple line. To see how that simple drawing becomes a complex dance between paper and pencil, is mind numbing sometimes. From predetermined paths to the erratic and unexpected. Drawings, though often overlooked, can become a wealth of information and inspiration.

With that, I will leave you with happy wishes for your July 4th celebrations. I will be enjoying my holiday out at the lake and hope you find some fun activities yourselves. See you after the 4th!


4 responses to “Taking some time to study the greats

  1. Hey Sharon, well you were right, I did take a sketch book, but I was just so busy fishing, jet skiing and the like that I never did get any sketching done. Bad I know!

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