Pastel study with amazing new surface!

After many years working in Pastel outside for street paintings, I have decided to bring it into the study and work with the medium smaller scale.  It has been a rather interesting process since most of the times I do not create images in pastel that are smaller than 10ft x 16ft.  So doing studies with pastel at 18″x24″ is quite a change of pace.  But, I am enjoying it with an amazing product I found called “Unison Gator Premium Pastel Board” made by Richeson Art.  It is a great surface that comes either on heavy duty watercolor paper or applied to a acid free gator board.  It seriously is like painting on sandpaper and is fantastic.  The image I did here is a hour and a half study of “Boreas” by Waterhouse and loved the way the pastel took to the board and the effect it had.  It really held a lot of pastel and still is very workable.  I would highly recommend it if you are into pastels

Here’s the finished sketch.  About 2.5 hours worth


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